Trump – We Should Be Afraid

Fascist Trump postWe can talk about the politics of fear. It happens during every major election. We are reminded that everything is terrible, that morality is splitting at the seams, that the world is falling apart. Talking points hinge on inflaming our sense of injustice, and sensationalizing tragedy.

Our elections are run like a Hellman’s Mayonnaise commercial.
Product ‘A’ is better than product ‘X.’

And people are buying it.
A lot of people.

There is no civility. There is no interest in policy. There is no desire to improve the lives of the American people. This is all business – business and entertainment. The crowds at the last Republican debate could easily have been borrowed from the nearest WWE performance. We laud the contenders as boxing opponents, and the cult of personality has blinded any real discussion about what these figures actually stand for. “People love me,” isn’t a good argument when we consider education reform. “I love the uneducated,” would probably be worse. “I can do stuff.” How does that inspire confidence, among any demographic?

Tell me about the wall you’re going to build. Tell me about how you’re going to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Spend all of your time highlighting perceived failures. Terrify me when you spend no time telling me what you would actually do differently. The best thing Trump has achieved? He has illustrated how profoundly disconnected the political class is from the working class. He has illustrated just how dangerous we have become. All talk, no policy, but definitely great at nabbing ratings.

This isn’t a run for class president. We aren’t in high school. Trump, with his decidedly undiplomatic rhetoric and grandiosity, will get Americans killed. He is dangerous. And we are marching down a very perilous path, toward greater internal conflict, and international paralysis. “Listen to me, I’m awesome” just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A lot of words. No action.
Much pomp. No circumstance.

What the fuck is actually going on here?

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