My name’s Joseph Oland. I’ve been working as a photographer, illustrator, and retouch artist for fifteen years. I’ve enjoyed working as an archivist in the research department at The Center For Creative Photography, as a Photoshop retouch artist for several local businesses, and as an image restoration specialist.

I’m an experienced event photographer, comfortable working in a variety of environments. Most recently I was the house photographer for a concert hall in Bisbee, Arizona, but I also have experience with weddings, corporate events, and family reunions.

I have worked as a photojournalist covering events in the southwest, predominantly for SIPA Press and for The Tucson Sentinel. I have also performed as an editorial writer & photographer for a multitude of news, community, and art publications.

I have worked as a retouch artist to make other photographers’ images publish-ready and professional. As a retouch artist, I have also worked for several photo labs as a restoration artist, allowing me to take old, faded, and often damaged photographs and digitally restore them to like-new quality.

I always strive to make the most expressive and unique pictures possible. As a retouch artist, I try my best to make your pictures as polished, professional, and interesting as possible. I take every project seriously and I respect deadlines. I enjoy working with others to make sure our goals are effectively accomplished within our desired budget. If you are looking for photography with an artistic twist or looking to inject some life into your own images, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to working with you.


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