Memorial Portraits


One of the services I find very fulfilling is memorial & special occasion portraiture. I’ve had the privilege of transforming old snapshots into artful representations of friends, family, and pets. With my unique skill-set, I can take old photographs and breathe new life into them. We often don’t have that one great picture that we’d like to hang on the wall. Instead, we have a pile of faded snapshots with all of the usual flaws. I can help.

Please contact me if you have an idea you would like me to work on. I can provide a quick & accurate quote once I look at the picture you would like me to transform, and I am certainly willing to fulfill any special requests you may have, including cosmetic changes, coloring, changing backgrounds, and so forth. I would love to lend my abilities to your project.


Please email me at

I always respond on a same or next-day basis.

Thank you.




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