Changing Times

View of Bisbee


It’s easy to feel like one’s thoughts are unoriginal, that publishing one’s words is self-indulgent, that blogs like this are unnecessary.

I struggle with these thoughts whenever I sit down and commit thought to paper, clack on the keyboard, publish them on the inter-webs. There’s an odd compulsion, however, to share these thoughts & images, too; after all, as an image-maker and artist, this is my job. I’ve been astonished, these past few weeks, how a common thread clearly emerged; I and many of my cohort have, independent of one another, shared a number of experiences: upheaval in personal relationships, changes in profession, sleeplessness, and stress have all been common themes as we’ve moved beyond the holiday season.

It’s as though the ground has been shifting right beneath our feet.

My reluctance to sit down and write – anything – is obvious. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve sat down and contributed to this web-log. In the days to come, I’m hoping to get caught up on a lot of work. I have a lot of images sitting on various hard-drives, hiding in a stack of memory cards, and dag-nabbit it’s time I sit down and sift through ’em. I’m living alone now; the burden of keeping an ailing relationship alive has been lifted. It’s time to get back to work, so keep your eyes peeled for more photographs, illustrations, and stories.


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