Harleen Quinzel – Suicide Squad

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE – – – MORE FROM THE DC UNIVERSE Get ready for Halloween – we’re going to be seeing a lot of Harley Quinn costumes. There’s nothing wrong with that. This is one of the most unique characters in the DC world, a precocious student of psychology who falls victim to […]

Another ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE – – – OTHER POSTS ABOUT SUICIDE SQUAD For all of the wailing about Batman V Superman, that movie is still a freight train that is on it’s way to hitting the one billion dollar mark. Sure, it was an expensive production and it has proved to be less profitable […]

The New Suicide Squad Trailer

David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’ is continuing along a new approach to film marketing that, if not outright established by ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ has been deeply influenced by it. This new style has become the gold standard for comic book and science fiction movie properties. Comic conventions, cos-players, and self-proclaimed ‘nerdists’ across the spectrum […]

Logan (Soaring Character Development – Low Budget)

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE – – – OTHER ‘POPULAR CULTURE’ POSTS HERE The struggle between ‘art’ and ‘commerce’ is a real one. Content is regularly stripped of complexity to make stories more accessible to more people. Films are also regularly stripped of violence and profanity to achieve a PG-13 rating, making stories more accessible […]

The Joker – Why So Serious? (pt.1)

FINE ART PRINTS AND MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE HERE – – – MORE FROM THE DC CINEMATIC UNIVERSE The list of complaints about last years’ ‘Suicide Squad’ is a long one. The machined-gunned roll-call character introductions, the underdeveloped personalities, the ethnic stereotypes, and the ‘walk like an Egyptian’ Enchantress – and this is just to scratch the […]

The New Joker – Scarface Juggalo

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE – – – MORE FROM THE DC UNIVERSE It will be impossible for fans of Batman not to compare Jaret Leto’s version of The Joker to the monumental performance by Heath Ledger. What a lot of people don’t realize, of course, is that Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger concocted their […]

Is Jared Leto A Good Joker?

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE – – – MORE POSTS FROM THE DC UNIVERSE After today’s release of ‘Suicide Squad,’ the internet will likely be replete with comparisons between the DC Cinematic Universe’s newest incarnation of the evil clown with the many iterations that came before. A posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger’s portrayal in Christopher […]

Batman V Superman – Spoiler Free

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE When watching a spectacle film like “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice,” it can be difficult to distinguish between the experience of watching the film and the actual quality of the film. Even more interesting, I find it both important and interesting that I have to mention that this is […]

Watching The World Burn

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE Heath Ledger’s performance isn’t anything to be overshadowed by his untimely passing. Comic book film adaptations, even today (in the golden age of comic book feature-length films), have never been taken seriously. They are relegated to “special effects-driven extravaganza” status among Hollywood elites and film critics. Box office numbers are […]

A Word About Dr. Quinzel

FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE Any comic book aficionado or perennial nerd – every video-game, graphic-novel, pop-culture freak – can tell you what they think about this character and why. Most of us can tell you which version of the character we were first introduced to, and which iteration we prefer, from the after school […]